My first try to create 3d carve with my 15w ortur laser

I did my first try to create a 3d carve on lightburn and burn it with 15 w ortur laser. the goal was to learn how to play with color as well. thus, by playing with with the power setting I finally burn my first 3d carve. It is not great but it is something to be proud for the first time. Please my work and let me know what do you thing.

  1. create on regular wood and prep with sand sealer and prime it with wood finish. the goal was to learn how to use acrylic color on the wood; but I came out with a new discovery a 3d carve.
  2. I carved on speed 508/85 100% power with 4 passes and used a small knife to clean the side of it. it was a little difficult and I made some error you will see them as well. I am very happy with this small discovery. I just let all 15w ortur laser user you can do the same as well. just keep on trying. you will discovery some magic work as well.Lightburn is the best software It can do magic if keep using it and make it work for you. Please see my first try not excellent but acceptable.
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I think your laundry room will be very happy!

Pretty cool work, maybe with a bit of refinement even a sellable product.

thank for your support

thank you for your support