My frustration grows

Detroit Tigers - D.lbrn2 (146.3 KB)

I have tried burning this file to a White Painted Tile. I have completed previous files with no issue. I am getting a modeling in what is supposed to be a solid black when completed?
I’ve tried different image modes, scan angles and DPI settings.
Can someone point me in the right direction? I just want an even dark burn. :frowning_face:

I run a J-Tech 4.2 laser on my Shapeoko Pro XXL CNC.

Hi Eric

Could you post the results of what you are experiencing?
(and for reference an old engrave)

Being that is just a solid font, grayscale might not be necessary
A simple Fill operation like threshold should do it in terms of code generation.

What I am wondering is what you are getting results. Could it be a tile, paint, temps, humidity issue instead?

The last Image mode I tried was Threshold. I even tried using a permanent marker, but even that didn’t wipe off evenly due to the pressure I needed to apply to get it off.
I don’t have a sample of the modeling right now without Marker on it.
Next, I was going to apply a Borax solution trying that method over the paint.
Yes, I am still a newb, but I am trying.

BTW, the last run was at 400mm/min and 100%.

Can we define what you are trying to achieve here first?
So you have a white Tile, that you painted with - black paint? - and you want the laser to burn off this layer of paint, leaving the underside white glaze in view?


Are you doing the Norton Tile method, where you use white paint as a chemical layer to enfuse/sublimate into the glaze?

Even a failed engrave picture could give good clues :slight_smile:

White painted white tiles. Norton method.
I’ll be going at it again later this morning. I’ll get a picture if it turns bad again. right now all failed attempts have had Black Permanent Marker applied. Modeling cannot be seen.

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Let me ask this, is threshold the best image mode for what I am trying to accomplish?

For this particular image, that has nothing but full black, you can even Vectorize it → and fill mode

So is something in the chemistry - paint - settings (power/speed) you might be having issues not the design itself

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I am thinking this is a viable solution for my issue, (I’m hoping at least). Sometimes even the most obvious solutions evade you in times of frustration.
I am excited to give this a whirl. I’ll let you know the result. I’ll even include a picture good or bad.

Thank you!

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Although this video is on photo engraving and done on a fiber, it applies anywhere an interval is required. Simply put, anything other than a vector engraving.

It allows you to determine the best interval for any laser with any material.

I think this will at least eliminate or correct your interval.


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I have already created one myself. Thank you though.

Here is the result using the Vectored D.

What can I do from here to get a better color on this?

I am considering using a mask and spray painting Black with a poly clearcoat over it.

Sorry to step in.
Are you using air-assist as per layer settings?
Try lowering it to [4-6]l/min or turn it off.
After that check your lens more often depending if youre in focus or out of focus.

I don’t have air assist. 4.2 watt J-Tech laser. I used the focal test not too long ago.
I may need to clean the lens? I’ll do that tomorrow.

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The way the engraving looks a bit gray makes me think of 3 possible scenarios:
Although I am far from an expert on the tiles, but seen quite a few.

  • Bit of overpower burning the paint too fast.
  • Too thin layer of paint. Usually 3 light - cross hatch - coats are recommended
  • The harder one - Paint with Low % of titanium dioxide.
  • Particularly tough Tile Glaze, or too damp tile - Humidity matters somehow.

Have you run a test grid on this particular tiles?

**Hi I am a newb Myself but i have heard good things from using Titanium Dioxide , there are several YouTube Videos Showing it being used on white tiles and porcelain to great effect. **

  1. I have been running high power on the laser. I’ll try lowering this and/or speeding it up.
  2. I used two light coats cross-hatch.
  3. I am using the same white paint as shown in the video I saw the technique.
  4. Unknown?

Thank you for your input. I’ll try again tomorrow.

This is what I am attempting. I am using Rustolium brand white 2X spray-paint as used in the Norton example. Tiles are only 0.15 cents each where I live.

That is dirt cheap for tiles (4"x4" I expect). Are they glazed tiles? This could make a great difference.

Yes 4x4 and glazed for sure. I got 20 for $3 plus tax.
Currently I am charging $20 for four. If they want a holder that would be additional.
I figure if I get overwhelmed with orders, I’ll raise my price.

Where do you live for such low prices on tile?