My laser don´t start

Dear Sirs
Last day i burned a picture
but today the laser didn´t start.
I thought it was something with the setting.
But whatever I do I couldn´t get the laser to start.
I´m using x-carve and LightBurn softwere
I have upload new GRBL 1.1h
Do you have any suggestions ?

Kristian Äng / Sweden

Can you explain what this means, exactly, please? Saying, “…but today the laser didn´t start.”, offers little for us to go on, technically.

Are you saying there is no power when you flip the power to ON, or the laser turns ON just fine but won’t move, or the laser turns ON and moves, but won’t run the job when you hit start?

All have different potential solution tracks, so the details matter. :slight_smile:

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