My laser is cutting best on x axis


I use an Aperture laser 3.5w with air assist.
In this case im cutting 3 mm MDF and 3 mm plywood.

On every cut it’s always the X axis that cuts through first. 3-4 passes and it has gone through the material. I have to take 9 passes total to get through for all the cutting.

I turn the plate around 45 degrees to see if there is any different, but still the same. This is on the plywood to see if the grains has someting to do with it. Did this on the mdf also, same same. I know, there is no grains her :slightly_smiling_face:

Have also tried with different air assist nozzle and pressure, same thing is happening.

Is it suppose to be like this?

If it would cut the same all the way i could go from 9 to 3-4 passes on cutting.
Thatt would be very nice :slightly_smiling_face:

No problem engraving at all, fast or slow, high or low power.

Thanks in advance

I don’t know much about the Eleksmaker. Does the air assist blow straight down, or is it directed from the side?

I’m wondering if airflow direction makes a difference.

Diode lasers have a rectangular spot and, if the wide side lies along the X axis, it will cut better in that direction, because the surface gets the same amount of energy delivered for a longer time.

Focusing the spot exactly on the surface is important, but the beam will still cut better in one direction than the other.


Thank you very much

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