My laser keeps disconnecting during engraving

Hello - very new to this. I am using a Mac and an Ortur 15W Laser Master 2. My laser starts a project, then suddenly disconnects. I have to re-connect the device and start over every time. I checked for power, cords are all plugged in properly, and even grounded the device for static. Of the 8 projects I’ve started, only 2 have completed.

BTW i did disable all power saving also.

is there anything else connected to the com port ?

nothing else connected

did you install the driver from the ortur download site ?

Do you have any other programs open other than lightburn? I had this issue a little while ago with a Boss laser and having Photoshop open.

No MAC OS driver on website. I am using lightburn and just completed two smaller burns successfully (about 15 min). I am not running any other programs and no other ports are being used.

whoops, I have 0 knowledge about macs. sorry.
any way to monitor what is going on while you are burning. I remember using top when using a linux system a few years ago. I know macs are not linux based…just a guess

This is not a Mac issue. If you use the search here, there are a few reports of a firmware issue with Ortur. They are working it and will announce when they have a fix.

You can use the ‘Start from Here’ found in the ‘Preview’ or some will flip the scan direction 180º, to run the job from the back to the front, stopping when the new part meets the older scan.

ahh, I had not seen that on the forums yet. I really like the idea of flipping the image, I have bumped the frame and stopped the burn before.
I wonder if the burn stopping has anything todo with the motion sensor. that will absolutly stop the burn. I could see if it was a little wonky it could really be an issue. anyway don’t mind me, I seem to be excessively chatty for the last couple of days.

Thanks for the info and the work around. I will definitely give this a try and hopefully save some time and wood.

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