My laser only flashes and makes a little noise but doesn’t move or burn and light burn says it’s running?

My laser won’t burn or jog or nothing not even fire need help it just makes a noise from the actual laser like it wants to fire or burn but won’t move please help ? V I noticed it hasn’t been putting as much power as it use to but now it won’t respond at all .

I moved your post into the Ortur group. I am optimistic that you’ll get the help you need here. Would you mind confirming the precise model name and firmware version that appear in the Console window in LightBurn when you connect the laser to your computer.

A Copy (from the Console window) and paste (into a reply here) really helps us lock-down which Ortur engraver you have.

I’d like to know more about ‘…hasn’t been putting as much power as it use to’. I see several questions worth exploring.

Did it work new - out of the box? If so - how long ago?

Did power seem to drop slowly over time and if so, which symptoms are you seeing?

Did the laser gradually lose power along with the motors?

A way off subject, but don’t know whom to ask…

Is there any way to search all the threads with a regular expression?

I remembers parts of a post and generally can’t fine it… but a regular expression would be great…

I’ve seen some information, but it’s always an api that is called…



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