My last work with LB

I would like to share my last work with LB.
I used 2 rounds of bi-directional scanning, 45 and -45 degree.
My machine is a 5 watt Elekslaser.
Material: 3 mm plywood, thanks LB I could just cut the item out at the end in a separate lap (ca. 20 x)

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Looks great…clearly I don’t know anything you just said.

Hi Josh, I just tried to cross the picture to avoid the lines you sometimes see. It is important that the machine runs accurately, relatively weakly in power and not too fast. But when you consider that it is two layers on each other - the result is not bad.
There are a lot of LB-teaching videos out there - I’ve seen them all
Greetings Bernd

What’s Overscan?

Thank you.


Overscan gives a “soft” start and stop of the laser on each line - my very simple explanation. This is to avoid the relatively darker spots at the turning points.

Here’s another trial where I’ve reduced the speed to 1000. The image appears a little bit more sharp and slightly darker.
(again 2 rounds with plus and minus 45 degrees, respectively)