My licence expired now laser shows as disconnected

My Licence expired today and I have ordered a new one and I am waiting for it to arrive. The problem I have is now the software is showing my laser as disconnected when it’s not. If I go to laser management and detect new laser my laser is detected and shows up but after setting it up as a new laser in the software it is shown on the software as disconnected and the software won’t control it. Please help I am running a ruida644xg has been running great untill my licence expired. I thought even tho my licence expired I can still use the software. I have entered my licence key into the licensed page but it gives me the error that the licence has expired.

The expiration only turns off further updates and should not affect the use of LightBurn in any other way. If you want to continue to receive feature updates for another year, you will need to purchase the License Renewal from the link below. Once you have done so, our system handles the rest and you are not required to “do” anything on your end. This can take up to 24hrs, but this should not be an issue as LightBurn will continue to work as expected.

Now on to the disconnect you are experiencing…

I see from your profile you are using a Ruida to drive your laser, but you have not identified the way you connect to your laser - but try this. Force a communication reset by Shift-clicking the ‘Devices’ button at the bottom-left of the ‘Laser’ window and see if that gets you going again. If not, report back and we can go from there.

Problem is now solved. coincidcetally as my licence expired Iast night windows did a update and somehow stuffed up my com port settings. I reset them and was able to get that software talking with the laser again. I am connecting the laser to a windows 10 PC via USB to answer your connection question and to help anyone else that might a similar problem.

We have seen this happen to others with Windows as well. Glad you are all sorted.

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