My licence has expired

I have received a licence expired notice. I forgot my password. When I try to reset it to be able to renew, I get a a email invalid message. Can u hhelpÉ

but LB is still working? when your licence expires the only thing that happens is that you can’t do software’s upgrades.
Don’t you remeber with which email you have bougth the licence?

send an email to
or wait for @Rick

We do not want to expose personal / private information here in public, so best to send an email to, and we can assist and help sort this there. :slight_smile:

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Looking into our systems a bit further, I see that you sent us an email on Thu, 2 Jul 2020, requesting we change the email associated with your key, which we did. You could search all your email for this previous exchange. I will also send another reply to that message so you can be reminded of the account change you requested.

That will be the email you need to use to access the license portal. :slight_smile:

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