My machine does not respond properly when when framing a project

I have been working with the manufacturer but at this point but the machine works as it should. Now I am wondering if it may be a software problem. I have tried everything I can think of and need HELP! Any Ideas? Thank You

Hi Robert.

Few questions that might help get some context please:

  • What laser. Brand/model?
  • What version of Lightburn?

Post screenshots of

  • Edit > SEttings
  • Edit > Device settings
  • Full screenshot of your LightBurn with the project open

From console, please copy/paste output of these commands:

When you complete @gilaraujo 's list of questions, you may find this info useful.

As far as I know, Genmitsu uses GRBL firmware software in all their CNC products. If I am wrong, somebody will let me know.

Had same issue. Since I have started to always HOME first and then FRAME, the issue has not occurred again. Creality Falcon 2 22 watt

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