My Omtech is a toddler. (with video!) Its okay with a Fill layer then its not

Lightburn is up to date literaly today, as is my Windows. this is a new file i was having problems with, i worked it out to the Fill layer giving me problems. so i made a
quick couple of shape in LB to reproduce the problem, still cant figure it out.

Does this only occur when you’re rapidly starting/stopping jobs? If so, it’s possible the controller is actually in a halted state when it’s not responsive to the Start command. Not clear to me how you’d get out of that without a control panel though.

I’m speculating though as I don’t have a Polar but I do get similar situations on my Ruida that require me to ESC from the panel.

i’ll look into the halted thing. this happened after i WAS stopping jobs and hot swapping speeds and power levals running those and doing it again. I have noticed in the past that polar likes to remember your last job if you use there big button…thus i never use it only control it via my laptop, so…

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