My program is not working

So something glitched on my computer and my lightburn program needs to be reinstalled. My problem is I need to install the program on my laptop and now I need to reinstall on my computer. I just want to make sure I can get it on both my devices.

Yes, the LightBurn license comes with 2 seats. If you have a problem with a computer, you can deactivate the seat on that system, making it available to assign to another system.

I do not find you in our systems based on this name or the email used here. Please contact us via email [support at lightburnsoftware dot com], include your key, and we can help you get this sorted there. :slight_smile:

The company I got the laser from included your program with our machine, so I’m not sure if my name would be in your files. I have the key if you want me to email it privately

Yes please.

I just emailed

Is it possible to resolve this issue by later this afternoon, I have a computer guy coming out this evening and this spontaneously happened :sob:. I’m just asking bcs the email said 24hrs.

I have responded to your email. The LightBurn license comes standard with 2 seats, of which, you have allocated 1, so the other seat is still available for allocation. I also adjusted the name and email associated with this key, providing you direct access to our License Management portal as described in my reply.

Let us know if you have any issues reconfiguring as you’d like.

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Thank you!

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