My S9 was cutting 3mm plywood in one pass, but now many passes can't cut 3mm plywood!

Just few days ago I was able to cut 3mm plywood in one pass! But today it was not able to cut 3mm plywood despite 8 passes! So I cleaned the entire laser, including the lens. My air assist is by Sculpfun and it seems that it isn’t pushing air like it did when new, so I used external compressor and no change in cutting at all! I can’t cut 3mm plywood despite many attempts and once even going to 100% laser and 20mm/minute! What is going on? Is my laser, being just 1 year old isn’t producing the cutting power anymore? If that is what causing my lasercutter not to perform, can I replace the diode? Where would I get one? Also, is there a rebuild kit for the air assist? Thank you very much.

Perhaps the laser power supply is at fault. If you can try a different one for testing.

Just took down the laser and removed the glass and there was a gray area that I didn’t see when I was cleaning it - I think I was sure it was a shadow … But when I unscrew the lens, it has a clear defect or some kind of a gray area on the edge, so after trying to clean it, to no avail, I put the glass back - I don’t have a replacement glass for it. I just ordered a replacement from Amazon and it will take more than a month!!! So I’ll use it with this “damaged” glass until it stops to work correctly. I hope this will help someone like me, who was sure the laser kicked the dust, but just a damage on the glass was the problem.

See my reply to myself! It can be your glass elements is damaged or very dirty.

Yeah, that can do it. I hope that fixes your issues. Good luck. Please post an update when you get your lens in.

I rotated the lense about 180 degrees and I was able to cut 3mm plywood. I’m sure the new lense will improve little more, but 1+ month from due delivery date is a long time! By then this message will close, but people can read it and some get help from my experience. Also, when I cleaned the laser, I disassembled the top also - lots of dust there!!! People forget that the cooling fan, that is at the top, sucs in all the dust and that settles on the internal parts! This prevents the diode to cool and will slowly cook the diode as well! Lastly, don’t forget to clean the cooling fan it self - the blades build up dust and this prevents the fan from working 100%!!! Yet another serious problem, because the diode won’t cool, shortening the life of the diode!!! I hope you all have a great “laser cutting”!

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