My Scope Clock case is complete

I am pleased to report that my homemade 45W laser cutter is now able to make plywood and plastic cases for my Scope Clock, which is a clock that display time on a 3 inch round oscilloscope tube. The case is designed to look like an old TV set from the sixties. I used living hinges to form the rounded edges of the case. There’s a little bump in the back for the neck of the CRT, just like your grandma’s TV.
The software runs on a Teensy 3.6 computer and forms the text from circles and lines.

I made the laser cutter with an OpenBuilds X-Y stage and a CloudRay 45W laser, using a Cohesion3D laser board to run things. It has a metal box on an MDF base.

I am quite pleased with the ease of use of the Lightburn software, especially since my only point of reference is an old Trotec laser cutter at the local hackerspace. That thing took SO MUCH extra processing work. Lightburn makes all of that work vanish!


It was a creative and beautiful idea, I enjoyed it, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your two masterpieces !!

(may I ask what this fine watch costs in materials?)

what a beautiful creation! :sunglasses: WELL DONE!

On a scale of 1-10 that has a coolness factor of 11.
Beautiful piece of work.


lissajous clock, - I’m lovi’n it :heart:

As an amateur radio operator since the 70’s, it brings back some really deep memories. Thanks for posting your work…


That’s amazing! Well done!!!

As for the living hinge implementation. :heavy_check_mark::heavy_plus_sign:

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Excellent on so many levels!