My software is crashing, it stops the machine for no reason

Good morning, I am writing to help me solve a problem. It turns out that since I have been working with the license that I purchased from Lightburn, the Atomstark A20 pro machine stops at any time with disconnected notices. I checked the connections and cables, without finding any faults. I did the test with the grbl software and I did not have the error, concluding that the problem is with the lightburn software since I entered the license because when I was with the free trial I never had a problem. I look forward to your solution as soon as possible.

Thank you

Thank you for reporting this. LightBurn shouldn’t crash.

I have not seen the behavior you’re describing. A generated error message is worth selecting and copying ( after selecting - Ctrl C) from the Console window in LightBurn and pasting into a response here.

This indicates a safely exited communication concern and is not a Crash. It could be a communication failure such as local signal noise or a USB Timeout. It is still worthy of further diagnostic inquiry.

It’s possible that one of the settings has gone awry. There’s an opportunity here to capture the reason that this happened.

In LightBurn, please click File, Click Export prefs, save this file somewhere convenient, and include the number 111692 in the file name (So I can keep track of it).

Next, In LightBurn, please restore your settings from the automated backup. It’s demonstrated in this video:

Please verify that the Atomstack is working as it did before by running a job or project that worked well for you. It’s important to compare apples to apples in testing. Longer jobs can cause the USB ports to go to sleep. Most folks run into the ‘sleeping port’ when their projects become larger or use larger images.

If the Atomstack is now working and staying connected, please export the prefs again, include the number 111692 and the word ‘early’ or ‘original’ in the filename.

With your Atomstack working as it did before the update, please drag the lbprefs files into your reply here. I have added the .lbprefs file extension to the allowable uploads for your convenience.

I may be able to see the difference between the two files and prevent this from happening in the future (If this suggestion successfully addresses the disconnection behavior).

Did you change anything about the location of the Computer or the engraver at about the time when you purchased your license?

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