My windows started to update and stopped my engraving in the middle

Please Im in the middle of engraving a wedding sign for my niece and my windows started to update and interrupted my laser from engraving. Please tell me there is a way to start the laser back up. it is sitting stopped on my oak board. I don’t want to move or do anything… When my computer rebooted My lightburn file was there but the variable text reset to 0. Please Help! My laser is xtool d1 Pro 20w GRBL - system still shows device is connected — OMG I figured it out. I ungrouped the text and only grouped the text that was left to engrave and it worked.

Thank you!


You can go into your preview window and scrub to the location where it stopped and click Start Here. It’s almost impossible to get it dialed in perfectly, but if you take your time scrubbing you can get very close.
I would say it’s better to have a slight double burn vs. a missed area.

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