Naming images incorrectly

I know I said I understand, but I am currently at my pc, when I open a previous project, I obviously get the name of the layer/image, but when I click new-open whatever image I select comes in with the same name on the cuts/layers as the previous one.

It’s getting a bit annoying because I have to copy the name of the image, and then paste the name into the layer/image window when the image is on the screen, otherwise it gets named the same as the previous project. It’s the image I am talking about not the project.

I’m trying to engrave an image and then look back and use these settings on another image, but with the new name.


Check this setting…

If this is un-checked, you are retaining the last files layer settings.
If this is checked, you may need to go through the steps of creating a default layer set.

Overview - LightBurn Software Documentation.

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This is interesting. I’m attempting to reproduce this.

I closed what I was working on. Clicked New, Clicked Open and I can’t select an image because LightBurn only Opens LightBurn files (Opens LightBurn files by default - there is a click-option to extend the file selection choices - I overlooked it while walking through this.).

Do you drag an image file in?

If I click File, Save as. the filename dialog is blank.

I’m not seeing what you’re seeing but my ‘Load default layer settings on new or restart’ is switched off.

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