Need advice on cutting 3mm (1/8") MDF ... 3% of cuts do not go completely through

Sorry for the delay, I’m not home at the moment. But to your specific question, I can only say if you have two nominally identical optical lenses, with the same angle on the same side, the same diameter and the same properties of the optical glass itself, the performance of both should be the same. If this is not the case, at least one of the parameters is different. Finally, my experience with deliveries from, especially from china, the products often does not quite match their sales description.

THANKS everyone for your insights. I acquired a 20mm diameter 63.5mm (2.5") focal length. It matches the performance of the original lens, and make flawless cuts and engraving. The owners’ manual is totally wrong about the lens specs. I’m now cutting 3mm and 6mm MDF with no issues.

Unless you’re cutting metal or really thick acrylic, there’s no reason to use this. It delays at the beginning or end of a cut to compensate for beam drag or piercing delays.

You shouldn’t need this either - if that’s in mm, it’s too small to be meaningful, and if it’s in inches it would mean you were focused under the wood or well above it, both of which would be much less effective than setting the focus right at the surface of the wood.

Do you have air assist? You shouldn’t need multiple passes at 2mm/sec to get through 1/8" MDF.

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