Need advise: air assist on Ruida 644XS controler

Hi Lightburn has a awesome feature turning air assist on and of when engraving acrylic for example. But it doesn’t work by default on my Ruida 644S controller. I have to connect a relais between the controller and the 220v outlet on the machine? Who can help me out with a ‘how to’ ? Would appreciate it! Thanks

I cannot find any information on a 644S controller. Could it be that you mean 6445?

Instructions for 6445:
Connection is simple: run +24V from your Ruida +24V out (it is on the same connector as the wind pin) to your relay A+. Run a wire from relay A- to Ruida wind pin.

You then need to enable “If blowing” on the Ruida controller. This can be done via the LCD, if possible or via RDWorks. RDWorks shown below (enable blower):


Then also enable in Lightburn:

Hope it helps :blush:

Information gathered from the following existing topic:

I’m Sorry it’s a Ruida 644XS controler is that the same? (and where can i find a wind pin?)

Found this video. Hope it helps

Thank you! do you know if the 644XG and the 644XS have similar connections?

i don’t know, but if you have the same ports on the ruida controller like in video min 8:00 (GND, out 2, out1, status, wind and +24v), then i think it’s all right

edit: In this cloudray page, they say the differences is the dual head conection, all the rest it seems to be the same

I have to connect a relais between the controller and the 220v outlet on the machine

There’s two parts of this; getting Ruida/Lightburn setup, and the physical wiring. The Ruida/Lightroom piece is getting answered in other posts.

However, if you aren’t sure what you are doing on the mains side, please bring somebody knowledgeable in physically to help. You are talking dangerous/lethal voltages if you don’t know what you are doing. Well - they are still potentially dangerous/lethal, but you need to know what you are doing so they don’t become actually dangerous/lethal. :slight_smile:


Thanks for helping me in the right direction. And yes I know what I’m doing. I’ve build my own plasma cutter (100x100cm) but I’m not familiar with the Ruida 644xs controler.

The Ruida switches, as far as I understand 24V to Ground via the Wind Pin on CN1.
The Wind pin does not supply 24, so I had to be a bit creative.

What I did now, in order to be able to enable control via layer / LB and to be able to switch off manually or overwrite the Layer Setting, I installed a 24V relay between 24V and GND which only supplies 24V to a 3 position switch (1-0-1).
The switch is on one side connected to the 24V permanent power pin, on the other side to the switched 24V coming from the relay and the middle pin connected to a 120V relay (RIBU1C on Amazon) which interrupts the 120V line (Leg) to the outlet.
The middle switch postion disables.

Pos 1: Permanent Power on the outlet
Pos 2: No Power on Outlet
Pos 3: Outlet power controlled by Ruida / Layer Settings.

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6442 S & G have the same connections

Thank You! Helps a lot!

Thank you for the confirmation!

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