Need clean font engraving

trying to fill engrave Times New Roman, small engravings make the letter on Lightburn overlap on itself, how can I increase the resolution so this doesn’t happen?

Please post an image showing us what you are seeing and we can go from there.

Sorry for the vertical image… but if you see the letters, particularly the A, N, U, Y, Z. The vectors seem to be unfocused, with the outside of the letters overlapping the inside of the letters

This looks like every letter is ghosted. I would start by making sure that all the belts and pinions that connect the stepper motors to the rails and head are snug. If all of that is fine, then look at this:

That’s a pretty distinct double image. Make sure your beam exits the center of the nozzle and isn’t hitting the inside edge and causing a reflected image. And your lens is tight in the holder and can’t move about?

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Thanks ill try all of the above. I did change the lens for the first time recently, so likely messed up somehow… ill start there. Thank you guys.

It was the lens! Wasn’t tight enough! Thanks so much!

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