Need "go to next item" option

Hi, as this is my first post, hello to everyone.
LightBurn is a great soft, but I didn’t find the “Skip Layer” option. I’m in a hurry to translate what I mean. The material (plywood) is sometimes heterogeneous. Sometimes 2 passes are enough on one sheet, sometimes you need 5. It would be useful to skip this element and go to the next one. Of course, this would only work when you are at the laser, but it would save some time sometimes. Sorry for my english, i used google translator. Greetings.

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Welcome. We appreciate suggestions! So much so, we have a site where folks can suggest a feature or enhancement to LightBurn and others can vote for it as well. We use this to help prioritize our efforts. Please consider visiting our suggestion site and enter your idea there. :slight_smile:

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