Need Help CO2 laser

Good morning, I have a Ruida Co2 Laser Black and red, 700 X 500, 100 W. When I’m engraving this logo, I have these lines. The material is 1/8 " Markerboard.
I increase or decrease speed and power and it keeps making me the lines.


If you rotate the material a bit, do the lines still follow the direction of the laser, or the direction of the wood?

Yea, I think what he’s getting at is it it may be because of the density inconsistencies of the material you are working with, not the machine or cut file.


It’s not wood, it’s Markerboard. Increase the lines per inch and the white lines are no longer left in the logos. My concern is that it happens sometimes and sometimes not, with the same configuration. Any ideas?

As always, thank you very much for your time and knowledge.

It could easily be that the material isn’t consistent in density, and you’re riding the line at "just deep enough’. Reducing the interval would be similar to increasing power, and would cut deeper. That’s why I asked what happens to the lines if you rotate the board. If the lines rotate too, it’s the material.

The material is brown with a layer of white paint.

… and have you tried rotating and running part of the job again to see if the lines follow the board? I’m trying to help here.

White lines are always parallel to the laser head.

Check to see if your rails along the Y axis are sticky or dirty. Microsteps have relatively low torque, so it could be that the Y axis is getting hung up briefly.

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