Need help cutting 6mm MDF

Not sure whether this is something that I can fix with settings in LightBurn or whether it is a machine problem (Emblaser 2).

I am struggling to cut 6mm MDF. The really interesting thing that I have noticed though is that I can cut through for lines that are vertical or at a small angle from vertical, but not lines that are 45° from vertical through to horizontal. I have had some success cutting small test shapes such as a 1cm polygon, but less success cutting bigger pieces.

My cut settings are 120 mm/min. 100% power, 4 passes, Z Offset 1.5 mm In (I have also tried 3 mm, but 1.5 seems to work better), Z offset 0mm (which works better than 0.25mm, which works better than 0.5mm). These are settings that I have used before, though always with some difficulty cutting through 6mm MDF.

I have cleaned the lens of my laser. I have previously cut from the very piece of MDF that I was trying to cut from recently, though I suspect that was as long as 2 years ago. I have tried recutting multiple passes because I have learned to test the cut before moving it from the bed of the machine.

All I can think, because I can cut smaller shapes more easily than larger ones, is that I am dissipating heat too fast. That suggests that I need to slow down even further. How much slower can I go without risking overheating and causing problems with that?

So, what other settings can I change to get a result?

Thanks for any help that you can give.

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