Need Help cutting in the right direction

I have a Arrow shape running down the Y axis, but LightBurn cuts the shape along the X axis

How do I change the direction my cut runs?

Can you confirm the machine origin is set correctly. Please check to see if Lightburn is set up to match your machine origin. Your exact model of laser is not specified in your user profile so I can only guess at your machines X and Y zero. Please update your profile to help the support staff. According to your drawing the upper left corner is where your machine will home. Does your machine configuration also start from the correct origin? Does your job origin again match your machine origin?
example image 2
example image

Is it possible you have the machine rotated a quarter-turn from the way it should be?

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How do you resolve the issue of my machine been rotated a quarter of a turn?

I have both origin clicked in the top left hand side, my machine is a altered version of a NEJE 2, when I say it been altered, I made the work area from 170mm x 170mm machine to a 300 x 340 machine now

Although it sounds facetious, just rotating the machine a quarter-turn the other way should fix it.

We’ve seen several cases where folks have inadvertently plunked the machine on the table with the “front” on the left or right, which leads to tremendous confusion.

Is it possible you plugged the X and Y axis motor cables into the incorrect sockets when you reassembled the hardware?

I’m very sorry I totally lost in what you are trying to explain to me

No I have the correct cable going to the right stepper motors, as I haven’t touched any wiring since I up graded my laser machine to a bigger work area and it was working correctly

I did changed the leads to each stepper motor and yes it did fix my issue, but I hadn’t changed the cable before for it to be wrong as it was working properly before I stopped using it

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All’s well that ends well, but … there are definitely mysteries remaining.

I suppose the moral of the story is to never stop lasering! :grin:

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