Need help finding my first laser compatible with lightburn

I would like to purchase my first laser.
I’ve been through the archives of this forum but I feel still a bit confused :slight_smile:

Here is what I’m looking for:

  • Compatible with lightburn
  • being able to process SVG files larger than 100 Mb
  • Speed and precision are the most important factors
  • I only would like to engrave paper, no need to cut anything
  • Budget (ideally less than 4500 USD)
  • Size, if possible engraving up to A3

So far, after doing some research it looks like the Ortur LM3 is appropriate with most factors:

  • compatibility with lightburn
  • Speed = 20 000 mm/min
  • precision = 0.01 mm
  • power looks way more than enough to engrave paper
  • budget = way under my budget
  • size = extension pack not available yet but I guess it will in the future

I’m completely new to the topic of laser cncs, i would appreciate your feedback before I press the order button :slight_smile:


I use a SCULPFUN S9 and S6. I have no problems with it or LightBurn. Both work great togather. I have no experience with Ortur but others here seem happy with it. As long as you can get the size you need, I tthink either would work fine for you. Power wise, You may only need it to engrave paper, but you may want to do more in the future. I suggest you try to find something a little more powerful than what you need today.