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Hello! I bought laser enraver I think it is Eleksmaker A3 or A5 engraveing area is 200mm X 300mm. I installed T2 Lase and Laser GRBL so I connected the laser and use now Laser GRBL but the engraves are not good. Laser is so powerful and burn the wood and do not qualite enrave. Can you help me to do better enrave and can I do millimetar engravesbecause it is good for big ideas but i use it to do keystones. Firs image is my engrave secound is from internet, help me to engrave like secound. I need to adjust the power of laser

From your photo, you are close, looks like residue around the edge of the engraving.
What material are you using? If it is synthetic, it may have resins, glue or voids that reduce the crispness of the cut.
slow the speed down and reduce the power of the laser. lightly sand the surface to remove the burn marks or place masking tape over the material.

We can try :wink:
With the dimensions you specify it is an A5 Eleksmaker but you do not write anything about how much power your diode is on.
Basically, your result is usable and it should be relatively easy to adjust your settings. However, I can not quite understand if you are actually using LigtBurn or T2L, nor what kind of controller you have, is it a Mini-Gerbil?
If you used LightBurn for the displayed image, it would be nice if you showed as many of the used LightBurn settings as possible to proceed from there.
I also assume that you have read a lot here in the forum about the importance of the correct focus point and that your topics are properly fastened to your “machine bed” so that vibrations from the machine’s movements do not “push” around your work.

This picture was made with my A3 Eleksmaker. It is “deep” engraved, about 1-1.5mm almost a bit 3D-like. It is engraved horizontally and vertically, but the parameters themselves I no longer have, that image is over 3 years old.

what softwere and firmwere you used can you show me settings you do for this

As I wrote, this work is over 3 years old and today I actually only use my CO2 laser.
Firmware was from 2018/2019 and standard from Eleksmaker. I photographed the image and then scanned it from a B / W raster copy, finished with the options available at this time in LightBurn.
The speed and power settings I do not know anymore, only that it is cross-hatch with 0 and 90 degrees.
I will try if I can find the old file, then I will report back with the remaining data

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