Need help getting rotary function to work in lightburn

Just recently got xtool D1 for hobby use…wanted more then the Laserbox basic that is provided, so I opted to use lightburn…flat engraving is a breeze but having issues with getting the rotary function to work properly…watched several youtube videos to make sure I had correctly set up the unit but to no avail…I can get the rotary function to work in Laserbox Basic, but as the name implies…it’s basic and I wanted more options and functions that Lightburn offers…when I engage the rotary to “start”…the laser merely etches individual little short lines and scratches and continues to completely rotate around the entire object (glass)…open for any suggestions as to how to correct

xTool D1 has some strange instructions around the use of their rotary.
I read that a firmware change was released on May 7 this year to help with the rotary.

More rotary info if needed:

Post some pictures of what you’re seeing with your project. Maybe the answer will be more clear for us when looking at it.

I am trying a test sample on some various woods. Follow proper procedure on setting up test text and having it centered in work area. hit the frame button to send the laser from the home position to the center of the work area and frame the text in question. the laser properly advances to the center of the work area and stops…it does not frame and if I hit the start button, nothing happens…re-hit the home button and try again…same result…tried closing the program and restarting…same result…any suggestions? I only have one day left on my 30 day trial…and so far, I can’t get the rotary function to work for the xtool D1 and now this…

If the engraver finds an error or enters an alarm state the information will appear in the Console window in LightBurn.

If there is no error or alarm message in the Console window it is likely a communication problem caused by external radio noise or a USB cable that isn’t short, shielded and in perfect condition.

Further troubleshooting may be necessary.

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