Need help! Lightburn not keeping zero coords

Hello all.

I’m having an odd problem and i can’t seem to find any help.

I have a Comgrow z1 5w laser

I will put an item in the center of the workspace. I can use the “move laser to center” and it moves it to the center. Now when i use the “move to bottom left” or any other one out gets all goofy. I can rehome it and it moves to home. However it says the coordinates are 200 200. I can rest it as home and from there it will do it properly. Now when i try to engrave the item it only moves it slightly to the right and start engraving. When it frames the image it hits the left side and stops.

When i frame the image a second time it’s off by about 40mm and it keeps doing that every time i frame again

I don’t know if I explained it good enough. I’ll get some pictures when i can.

I’ve tried turning on the laser at 0,0, and that works for the first framing.

I’ve Uninstalled lightburn and drivers multiple times

I’ve done the reset through the command line

I’m at a loss…

Where is 0,0 at? What corner does it home to. Might try homing it and type G10 L20 P1 X0 Y0 in console command line.
Some more info. Limit Switches - Diode Laser Wiki (

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