Need help, power output stays at 2 mA regardless of power setting

I have been using my 50w OMTech laser for about 3 years now. Recently, I’ve had a problem with my laser power, it just got very weak. It wasn’t gradual either, it just happened out of nowhere. I can’t cut 1/8th inch plywood anymore without doing like 10 passes now. I’ve tried increasing power, slowing my speed, it just won’t do it. I checked my laser, my alignment, mirrors, and lenses. But all of it is still fine. However, no matter what power setting I use, the power supply only goes up to 2 mA. I have another laser tube if I need to replace it, but I’m just not convinced it’s the tube. Could it be the power supply?

Either the tube or the power supply has died of old age / usage.

Replacing the power supply is much less expensive and far less hassle than replacing the tube, so do that first, even though you have a tube on hand.

If a new power supply doesn’t perk things up, then swap in the new tube and keep the old power supply on the shelf as a spare.

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In my machine, it’s a lot easier to change out the tube. Especially if you have one around anyway… which makes me wonder in it self…

Before you change anything, check the resonance or mode of the tube… for TEM00 … I suspect your tube has gone south… This is the best place to check it.

You have the tube, do you have another lps?

Easy to change out a tube compared to getting into the electronics cabinet and changing out the lps…

The choice is yours…


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If the tube is an exact drop-in replacement, yeah, the deal might go down real smooth.

Otherwise: realign the mirrors and all that jazz.


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Update, the problem was the power supply. As soon as I replaced it, everything worked perfectly. I really appreciate everyone’s help!

Good news, kinda-sorta.

The tube is getting on in years, too, so that will likely be the next thing to give you trouble.

I yoinked this thread into the Hardware Compatiblity category so it might be more find-able in the future, even though that doesn’t quite describe what happened.

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