Need help recalibrating my machine

I am gonna to make this short and sweet. I have an Ortur Laser Master 2. Before I got this laser I never downloaded anything on a computer. But I have fallen in love with laser engraving. I loved it so much that I wanted more and better. I ordered a laser upgrade from Endurance. I got the 10 watt Pro. I finally got it installed. Hooked it up with the TTL wires and I hope and pray that it is working properly. I have yet to find out if the laser is working correctly. I also ordered the Lightburn camera. I wanted to install them at the same time. I was hoping to be able to enjoy my new upgraded laser and new mounted camera. Unfortunately I am not having any success, the laser is out of whack. It won’t go to home or its origin. From what I can tell it is trying to fly off 8 inches into the negative. And when I put an image up to burn in fact the circle pattern to calibrate the camera lens, try to go to its origin which is in the middle left hand side it shoots off to the right corner and grinds the belts to death. Then I hit the home button from that position it moves down about an inch and a half and then stops. So we set up a whole new machine thinking that it would fix this issue and get back in order. But It did not so I then tried to recalibrate my machine and settings and it will not do it. It is not Lightburn’s fault it is my fault. I really need help please. I am asking for the most simplest instructions to do this and as soon as possible plz. I have been at it all night with no sleep and ready to pull my hair out. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!! Thank you very much!!!
Cecil Lynch

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