Need Help Setting Up and Using Laser Rotary Roller

I recently got a Genmitsu FLRR Upgraded Laser Rotary Roller V2 and need help setting up and using with my Genmitsu 4040 Pro.

If you need help hooking it up, you should have received instructions with the rotary.

If you have it hooked up and need setup info on the rotary, Lightburn docs is your place to look.

When I select the test, the software keeps returning a Check Limits error.

Yeah, that happened to me too.
Rotary has no Home switch, so there is no Home for it. When you turn off Home Enable (parameter $22=1 to 0), HOME is where ever you power up the machine. That would make your current position X=0 Y=0. So…

After your power it up, JOG the rotary a revolution or two. This takes you from Y=0 to Y= +something. You can then get motion in both directions. Basically, you are jogging the Yaxis to the middle of the workspace so to speak, and away from the travel limits.

Let us know how it goes from here.

Thanks, I will try that. Another thing is that no matter what I enter in the mm per rotation box, the rollers make three revolutions, then stop and then make three reverse rotations.

Make sure you have Roller checked instead of Chuck.

Have you gone through the setup procedure yet?

The instructions that came with the roller were no good. Indicated to unplug my x axis stepper motor cable and plug in the rotary there. Also gave me incorrect Grbl settings. I finally got with Sainsmart and they gave me the correct info. Works great now.

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