Need help using software lightburn

Why i get .cut might be out bounds

Hello Ray, welcome to the site…

There are a number of reasons the cut may be out of bounds…

You set the bounds or work area in Lightburn. The warning is to let you know that the way things are configured, such as the heads current location, the Start From setting along with the Job Origin will cause the machine to be driven out of it’s work area.

Suggest you check out the Lightburn Documentation on start from, job origin and the coordinate system

The is also numerous Youtube videos… This one is popular from the Louisiana Hobby Guy…

Unless you have been around these types of machines… this can be quite a learning curve…

If you have any issues, sing out…

Good luck


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The most common reason discovered by new users is ‘Overscanning’ and a wildly incorrect high speed setting.

If you’re getting this error, you’re up and running, so Check the Preview window.
It’s the flat panel monitor Icon in the top row.

When you click that Icon, the Preview Screen pops up. Now, turn on the ‘Show Traversal Moves’ switch along the bottom.

This offers more information - there are red lines that show where the laser travels. The red lines stretch outside the art you are producing. They show the path of the accelerating and decelerating head of the engraver.

If the Speeds are accidentally Much too high, the Scanning offset is exaggerated and can be outside the allowable work area.

Please use a Screen capture tool if you’d like to share more information about what you’re seeing.

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