Need help with acrylic legend plates

I’m having some issues with our new BOSS LS3365 and LB. We are engraving legend plates on acrylic stock. I’m attaching pics. It does OK on thicker fonts. We use a thinner font now with our EPILOG and AI. I’ve worked with BOSS to get the best alignment possible. The thinner fonts have a ridge on them as the pics indicate. I’m using at BOSS’ recommendation 20/20% (min/max% power) on a 105 watt tube. that about the energy we use on the EPILOG for engraving. I think this is some setting I do not know about or I’m not setting up my engraving correctly. .063 interval, scan angle 0, speed 350mm/sec., 20/20 power (also tried 25/25). Using Rowmark acrylic stock. We get great engraving with the EPILOG and Illustrator. Can anyone offer a suggestion. I would hope someone else engraves acrylic. Thanks in advance.

Looks to me like you’re experiencing a scanning offset.

You can confirm this by engraving a filled rectangle with a sizable line interval. Something like 1 or 2 mm. That will make the offset more apparent. This is ideally done on something like anodized aluminum or something else that engraves easily and cleanly. The point being is that you want very crisp lines.

To remedy, first identify if you have any mechanical backlash in your system. In this particular case you’d be looking for something on the X-axis. Backlash could cause the same type of offset issue.

If you’ve eliminated any backlash, then you can use LightBurn’s Scanning Offset Adjustment to correct for this.

More information here:
Scanning Offset Adjustment - LightBurn Software Documentation

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