Need help with misaligned text letters!

I have a Sculpfun S9 with the bed extension running a HP laptop with Windows 10 and have recently had problems with random text letters being out of alignment. I have the 1.4.01 version of LightBurn. Ran for one year with no problems, I have tightened belts and checked fittings on frame and gantry. No problems
with image alignment, only random text. Need this fixed ASAP! Can you help? I am a newbie so please be patient with me. Please email me for more pictures of the issue:

It’s a good habit to provide all the information in this forum. If you have additional pictures to show, add them here, not via mail.

To me, it doesn’t look like it’s a problem with the text. It’s the position of the object. The text is squeezed because the laser lost steps in the y-axis. This is most likely a mechanical issue. If you fixed the belts, wheels and grub screws, check if there is nothing else blocking the movement of the gantry. Try to move the full project to another sector of the workspace to check if it’s position-related.

Go through this guide to get an idea of what else to check (belts seem very famous but are a very minor cause of mechanical issues):

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Thank you!

Thank you for the suggestions, I will try that next.

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