Need help with my Fill+Line cutting

I’m trying to make this little keychain and I need a bit of help. I’m not sure how to get my Fill+Line to not cut the inner blue circle and to only cut the small keychain hole and the outside shape. Any ideas? Thanks.

Fill + Line does not allow you to be selective about which shapes are outlined - it applies to the whole layer. If you want only certain vectors cut, you’ll need to duplicate them and put them on a layer set to cut.

Ok thanks! Maybe that would be a good feature for the next update.

What is that, exactly? As an FYI, we provide a link on the top banner for Feature Suggestions, but I would like to better understand what you are asking for.

I’m assuming he means to be able to choose which shapes get “Line” applied when you use Fill+Line mode, but that’s not something we can easily do.

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