Need help with Youtube LightBurn Demo - Booleans tutorial up date

I’m new and learning LightBurn, Trying to do the insertion of the lightburn exercise, inserting an image in the hexagon grid starting at 7:23 I can’t find a way to do the boolean difference, this tool is not selectable.
I tried with jpeg, svg, ai … images without success. It’s an old software version from 2018 could be now it’s done differently.
any help will be appreciated.
link is

hi Antoine

i found it helpful to start learning the boolean tools by starting simple with one circle and one square overlapping.

repeatedly try each tool to see how they work. remember that some tools react differently when you select the items in the opposite order.

once you learned the toolset , then progress onto the actual task you want to do.

and most importantly…

remember that if you do a boolean that does the opposite of what you expect , press control -z , then immediately re-try the same function.

the control -z not only undoes the action, but it ALSO SWAPS the selection order.

this means that if you chose the correct tool but the wrong selection order, it will work correctly when you retry the exact same function.

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This might be the issue. The Boolean tools are for vector art only and do not currently work with images. The art in the video you reference is all vector-based. Are you trying to use boolean tools on a bitmap or raster object by chance?

Hi Barrie
Thanks for the tips, I already started with circle and square to learn how they work, that was fine, I still need to invest time to climb the steep learning curve, the control Z tip is new for me, interesting.

Hi Rick,
Good detective work, indeed the issue is I was not using a vector-based image, it was a raster object.
I’m back to complete the exercise, thanks for your help…

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