Need new laser tube

One day i play with my laser and forgot put my watercooling on. Of course my laser tube broke… I need buy new 90w laser tube. When i use google and i think laser tube market is little wild wild west… Any recomended where to buy it? What brand? What must be taken into account?

Laser tube label:

product name: Z2
Product no: 113322
peak power: 105W
Agreement power: 90W
Date of production: 2014

Now that I have to buy a new one and if I would like a slightly more efficient laser tube, what should I consider?

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I’d suggest someone like Cloud Ray or OMTech… I got my last tube from Cloud Ray, worked fine.

Both of these are pretty major distributors of parts… I got a 40W tube from Cloud Ray that was really a 40W tube.

Use a credit card so if you do get bit, you have some recourse.

Install a flow sensor. It would have been so efficient as to prevent you from having to buy a new tube. :crazy_face:

You can probably find the model on Cloud Ray. I only know of W and T types of tubes from RECI… typo?

If you want to use OMTech, you will have to pick a different manufacturer. Don’t think they carry RECI products.

There are plenty of Grade B or worse tubes out there for sale, so pick someone you think you can trust.

If you buy from Cloud Ray, use this site. This is their disclaimer…

All product information, related parameters, product policies, and extra offers published on the website are only adapted to products and orders on, not adapted to any products from Cloudray store on Amazon/eBay/Aliexpress etc.

You can probably get it at a lower cost from one of the Cloud Ray or OMTech vendors on Amazon and such. None of the warranty or support that you might expect from Cloud Ray/OMTech will be honored.

This is OMTech version

We warrant that during the specific warranty period set forth below, the respective OMTech product purchased directly from will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. No other warranty, express or implied, is given with respect to the OMTech products purchased. OMTech’s responsibility for defective OMTech products is limited to repair or replacement, as described below, in this Limited Warranty. This limited warranty does not apply to OMTech-branded products purchased from third-party websites such as Amazon or eBay.

I see this quite a lot…

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I google it sometime and i noticed how much people had gone “wrong” shopping because these b grade tubes. I don’t mind paying a little extra to get what was promised because tube its little expensive anyway.

Thanks for the information and I will look at them this week and buy a product from either company

The main thing to ensure, is the diameter. It can stick out the side and still be usable. Change in diameter is a change in the beam location.

Don’t forget to use a credit card :+1:

Good luck


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