Need some advice on camera set up

I brought a light burn camera, as I am not very technical minded, so I did not do the maths, but I went with a 110 degree camera, but did not realise there was more.
My laser Is 900x600 and to the top of the lid is round about 900-1000
I am now guessing I got the wrong camera would the 60 degree be more suitable or one of the other ones or is this one ok to use
Thank you

If you got the 8mp / 110 degree, that has quite a wide view. You would’ve likely been better off with the 5mp / 90 degree for your machine, or the 8mp / 95 degree.

What you have will likely work, but it will be more accurate if there is a way for you to mount it closer to the work. For the size of your system, the 8mp/110 camera will give you the best view from about 450mm above the bed of the laser.

Thanks for that, it is much appreciated i will get that one and see how it go

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