Need some help!

Boa tarde, Tenho uma cnc laser e gostaria de adquirir o software light burn. minha laser usa a plataforma RGBL com um placa artesanal off line. que placa você recomendam instalar em minha laser para que possa usar o software?

If you are already using GRBL, you don’t need a new control board. The GCODE version of Lightburn will work with your laser. If you tell us what laser system or control board you are using, we can make a better recommendation.

Boa noite. Minha CNC laser não fica conectada ao computador, salvo o gcode em um cartão SD, leio no disso da laser e executo a gravação ou corte. Como posso instalar outra placa de controle que fique conectado ao computador?

Without knowing more details about the machine you have it would be impossible to make a suggestion, and it’s well beyond “software support” at this point. If you can provide more details about your machine someone here may be able to guide you a bit, but it will be challenging to do through Google Translate.

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