Need Someone in Ireland and Australia to help clients of mine

I need someone to help some of my Facebook group friends with a project. 3 x 20oz cups and 2 x 20oz cups each. There are about 200 in Australia in our group there and about 50 in Ireland. It’s for a K9 training organization/group.
I am in charge of making cups for all of us… About 1900 total. We all have to have them… Shipping is ridiculous, so I want to help my friends by giving them someone local to them.

The file would be sent later… but it is a simple copy righted logo I designed for my group.!


Thinklaser based in the UK can do this.

Might be a bit late to the party on this but we are based in Ireland and happy to help

Did you find someone? I’m in Australia.

Aussie reporting in! Based in Sydney. Can access a warehouse spot for a small fee also for storage. I also have a heavy discounted shipping account.