Needing to press stop in order to continue to frame

My laser is a Kentoktool and lightburn is making me press stop after framing in order to continue. I also need to press stop when the laser is done engraving in order to continue.

For the framing issue, does the laser continue framing until you stop it, or is it just not responsive to additional commands until you press stop?

If it is framing continuously, make sure Frame Continuously is disabled in your Device Settings.

If the laser is just non-responsive, and for the issue after an engraving is finished, are you seeing any error or alarm messages in your Console window? If so, please share a screenshot or copy and paste them here.

If your laser is locked due to an error or alarm, you may need to press Stop to unlock it.

The laser just stops until I press stop. This happens after I frame and when the laser burn process is completed. Not seeing any error on the console.

Please enter $I (capital I) in the Console window to show your laser’s firmware version. It looks like LightBurn identified it as a “GRBL-M3” device, but it probably should be standard GRBL.

Please also share a screenshot of your Device Settings window. (Edit → Device Settings).


​It looks like your device is set up with the incorrect device profile. Follow these steps to correct this:

-Click Devices in the Laser window

-Double click your laser in the list

-Change the selected device from GRBL-M3 to GRBL

-click next until you’re done

In Device Settings, turn off Enable pointer offset

If neither of those steps help, try disabling Return to Finish Position as well.

Made the changes and still have the same issue.

Do you think is has something to do with my laser?

It might – it could also be a communications issue. The next thing I would try is a new USB cable.

I also recommend reaching out to your laser’s manufacturer. You may need to update your laser’s firmware, or they may have other advice to offer.

To try:
Create a new device by importing the Kentoktool_JL5_Lightburn_Configuration.lbdev (2.8 KB) in Edit → device settings>import
Then with your laser correctly connected import Kentoktool_lightburn_8-328P (1).lbset (5.4 KB) in Edit → Machine settings > Load from file and > Write to your controller.
Check if everything works.

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The new files were downloaded and worked!! Thank you for your help. I really appreciate the support.

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