Negative Backlash

I’m trying to add backlash in LB but it will not take a negative setting.
How do i deal with this?

This is a diy build with a Ruida RDC6445G.


So, to be clear, your laser carriage starts moving before you tell it to?

(do you mean the scanning offsets, or the backlash values store in the Ruida machine settings?)

No the carriage doesn not start moving ahead of my request.

I am refering to the backlash setting stored in LB > Machine Settings

Then those numbers will always be positive. Backlash is how much slack to take up when the head changes direction. The only way for it to be negative would be if the laser head moved before you told it to, and you had to pull it back.

I see.
I am running a test that i found online. Would you have a backlash test i can perform?

The test file was off. There is no backlash.
My appology!


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