Negative positions X-600 Y-600

I have a ORTUR LM3. Mys problem is that the indicated current position is negative : X -600 Y -600.
So when I press the “frame” button (“cadrer” in french), the laser goes right until the end of the hardware and become noisy.

Please help !

From the short time I’ve been to the forum, I’ve realized that some machines have their own quirks: ORTUR is one of them. So don’t take my help for granted.
I’ve seen comments where something like that was due to having “rotary” active.
However, I also know that ORTUR has its own support and there is a lot of helpful information.

Many thanks !
I saw that also but I don’t have the rotary system.
You’re right, let’s check the ORTUR support.

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With a more advanced machine like the Ortur Laser Master 3, we should test a few things.

If the Origin is set incorrectly in Device Settings the compass arrows around the home icon in the Move window will move incorrectly.

Please zoom out and re-capture. I would like to see where you set the Origin.

This is a good first thing to test.

When you start the engraver and connect to LightBurn does the engraver perform a Homing operation? When an engraver is equipped with limit switches, the homing is likely enabled.

Ortur publishes the GRBL Defaults. It’s handy to know that all the homing behavior is enabled at the factory.

Many thanks for the help. The Ortur support solved the problem by installing a new firmware.


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