Neje 3 - Cutting of forms are incomplete

I updated the firmware of my Neje 3 via Win-Software to v1.0.4. Also updated Lightburn to the newest version. Since than I have issues with object cutting in Lightburn. All forms are incomplete cutted at “as it seems” start-/endpoint.
I tested the gcode from Lightburn also with gcode-simulator (g-code simulator). When I try to make same objects with LaserGRBL I don’t have any issues and get clean cuts(!!!)

I would be thankful for any kind of help because this is very frustrating! I am sure now the problem must be Lightburn…

If you enable Constant Power Mode does the issue go away?

If so, might be a firmware issue or are you perhaps running very slowly?

I tried already differrent settings. “Constant Power Mode” and all kind of different power-speed combinatinos. Doesn’t affect the result :frowning:

If you observe the burn, is it that the motion stops prematurely or is the motion correct but the laser cuts out?

Can you post g-code here for review? You’ll need to use a .txt extension for the forum to take the file.

The motion seems correct. Please find attached the gcode for an example which doesn’t work for me!

test.txt (10.2 KB)

I don’t see anything wrong with the g-code. Can you try running this g-code in LaserGRBL? I’ll assume the results are the same but please confirm.

Can you separately generate g-code in LaserGRBL and post here? I’d like to see what the difference might be. I initially thought it might be an issue with G0 rapid speeds but that wouldn’t account for the gap within the shape.

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