Neje master 2 F30130 laser wont fire

Setting up first time with grbl. Laser moves through pathe but never fires.

On some engraver heads there is a small power switch to enable the laser.
Please confirm that the laser head is powered. You should see an LED and a cooling fan running.

In LightBurn, near zero power operation can occur when the Smax is not identical to $30.

In LightBurn, open the Console window and type the following:
then press enter.
Copy and paste the report generated into a reply here.

Then click Edit then wheel down to click Device Settings (wrench/screwdriver icon) and have a look at the Smax value on that pop-up window. (lower right).

If you’re using LaserGRBL instead of LightBurn you will have to reach out to them for support.

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