NEJE Master 2s MAX Machine - works fine - but only lowest power with Lightburn

I have a new NEJE Master 2S Max machine - with 32 bit cpu. I works fine both engraving and cutting with NEJE software. BUT with Lightburn or Lasergrbl software it only wokrs at its minimum focusing power - nothing more. Adjusting parameters/setup does nothing. The head moves per the file input (I have a 25mm square I’m testing with) but only the focusing level dot is visible. So i wrote simple Gcode file using M3 and M5 with S parameter to adjust output power and still only minimal output. I rechecked performance back to NEJE software and diode etc. is fine to deliver full power. I have reloaded the latest drivers and software but still now ‘power out’. Also read all the other similar threads but no help here. Seems like its stuck in a mode where cpu is stuck in a focusing mode and ignores any external power input settings. I think I read somewhere that to reflash the chip you need to start with a hardware reset from the NEJE control board reset button…??? Any suggestion appreciated. Also contacted NEJE support but I don’t think they understand the problem and only support NEJE software.

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I have the exact same issue. Did you ever find a solution to this?

Tried many things…all kinds of G code options. No go. Contacted NEJE Service. After many back and forths including my video of it not working, they agreed to replace controller. Waiting for it now…about two weeks from China.

A quick search of this forum yielded:

and about 50 more postings…
I have an NEJE Master 2S and it works fine.

Thanks a lot for your quick responses. I’m new to laser cutters and this was my first attempt.
I used a generated burn test for CO2 lasers from Lightburn PowerScale Generator - O2 Creative :flushed:

Since I dialled down the movement speed to 5mm/s it actually cuts plywood :star_struck:

Did you tune your X Max and Y Max speeds in your machine settings? THAT is the key message here.

Problem with laser power control via GCode on my 40 w 2s Max machine was the controller board. Replacing board ver 1.2 with one sent by NEJE service ver 2.0 solved problem.
Now I need to figure out why M8 M9 won’t turn on off the fan. Don’t like waiting for their temp control to do it.