NEJE Master 2s MAX Machine - works fine - but only lowest power with Lightburn

I have a new NEJE Master 2S Max machine - with 32 bit cpu. I works fine both engraving and cutting with NEJE software. BUT with Lightburn or Lasergrbl software it only wokrs at its minimum focusing power - nothing more. Adjusting parameters/setup does nothing. The head moves per the file input (I have a 25mm square I’m testing with) but only the focusing level dot is visible. So i wrote simple Gcode file using M3 and M5 with S parameter to adjust output power and still only minimal output. I rechecked performance back to NEJE software and diode etc. is fine to deliver full power. I have reloaded the latest drivers and software but still now ‘power out’. Also read all the other similar threads but no help here. Seems like its stuck in a mode where cpu is stuck in a focusing mode and ignores any external power input settings. I think I read somewhere that to reflash the chip you need to start with a hardware reset from the NEJE control board reset button…??? Any suggestion appreciated. Also contacted NEJE support but I don’t think they understand the problem and only support NEJE software.

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