NEJE master 2S problem ... Mirrored text

Just set up my new NEJE aster 2S laser engraver and it all seems to work ok except that all text will engrave backward (mirrored).
Looks great on the screen but will engrave backwards.
I must flip it before engraving to get it to come out correctly.
Is there a setting in any of the setup menus that can correct this?
I have looked at each one and cant see anything that might help.

Are you sure it is only text that engraves backwards? If your shapes are symmetric then how do you know they are not backwards? Try to engrave a triangle or trapezoid that is different heights left to right. Does that come out correctly?


I have been working on this.
I have the rear left selected as my home position and that is where the Laser goes when homed.
However the position for the “Y” axis shows 170mm while the “X” axis is 0mm in the move window.
I have tried all combinations of true false choices for the “Y” axis in the Machine Setup menu.
Nothing so far has resulted in a 0mm - 0mm position when homed.
In the HOME window the “Y” axis position arrow buttons runs the head backwards.
its like the software has the Front Left selected for the home position yet the machine goes to the Rear Left position when given the home command.
I assume the correct setup would place the laser head at the Left Rear position when Homed and the position reading would be 0mm - 0mm with all the arrow buttons on the move window moving the head in the proper direction.
Smoke is coming out my ears trying to get this working properly.

Maybe if you were a little more methodical you wouldn’t need to be smoking…

This post has absolutely nothing to do with your previous post or the title of this thread. On the surface it would seem you are simply taking random walks in your attempts to setup your machine. However, this, is, in fact, a clue to the solution to your problems.

Go to
And follow ALL the setup instructions, including how to setup LightBurn, for your specific system. I suspect most of your problems will be solved. The ones that aren’t solved are any changes you made to LightBurn in your attempt to ‘fix’ things.

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