Neje Max 3 A40640 crash after homing

Hello everyone,

I’ve searched a lot, but unfortunately found nothing to my problem.

After doing the axis calibration, the motor hits the frame in the y direction.

I use the neje max 3 with the Laser a40640 with the latest firmware.

I made a short YouTube video. Maybe one of you knows what the error is :frowning:

Greetings Martin

Your Neje isn’t the same type of device as the original post about the Ruida. I’m going to move your post into the Neje section and help with troubleshooting there.

There are a series of diagnostic steps - based on the settings of the device and the messages in the Console window. The first messages from the engraver to LightBurn in the Console window will tell us a great deal about the engraver. If you’d open the Console window and capture those; copy and paste them into a reply here it’ll get us moving in the right direction.

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