Neje won't connect

So, had to buy a new computer, installed lightburn and now it won’t connect with the laser. Works in NEJE software but not lightburn. Just doesn’t detect or connect. Windows 11 latest.

Are you connecting with the USB cable?

Is the Neje software fully closed and disconnected from the NEJE 3 Max before attempting to connect with LightBurn?

The Second video on the NEJE 3 Max page shows that the NEJE 3 Max May need to be Flashed with GRBL software to communicate with LightBurn. It’s at about the 4 minute mark.

Let me know if the video offers the missing steps.

Thanks but it is the V1 not V2 and everything was up to date when I had the NEJE software running. I have since removed the NEJE software completely and no change. This all started when I was having trouble with some images and replaced the computer as it was way underpowered and the hard drive was near full. I desperately need this going and can’t wait for stuff to come in from overseas.

Problem solved. Thanks, but my bad, I was just quitting NEJE software and not quitting and reverting to GRBL. Learning all the time I guess.


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