Network setup for C3D mini @ smoothieware

Hello everyone!

Last year I bought a K40 and decided to upgrade it with a C3D mini with smoothieware. Now, as I finished the hardware part, I started use the K40 (via USB) more than at the beginning and I came across an issue. The problem is that the C3D stops randomly during jobs (the higher the speed and I assume the higher the datarate - the chance rises to stop). After hours of research I found out, that these stops are caused by EM-inference in the usb-connection. The inference is caused by sparks in switches or relays, usually during switching off because of inductive loads or sometimes because of high inrush currents. I tried every kind of EMI- filters, snubbers, diodes, usb cables or inrush current limiter but it didn’t work. (The common recommendation from C3D is to use different phases but since I have only one phase available, its not an option for me).
The only way it worked, was to save the gcode on the sdcard and play it via the C3Dmini.

Now I thought of using the network option because this is usually less prone to interference.
Therefore I tried to setup the connection in Lightburn via Network.
Setup is the following:
C3Dmini ( <—> switch(router) ( <----> notebook (

Network is enabled via auto + telnet & dfu in config. I can reach it via browser and i can move it. Every firewall is disabled.
I entered the c3d ip in lightburn correctly, but it won’t respond.
Please help me to get it working!

Kr & thanks

Start with this: Connect to Cohesion3D mini over ethernet

You can also post in the C3D forum if you haven’t already, there are some tips we can discuss regarding the disconnects.